Creation of OIT

Our...Indigenous...Traditions Name

When thinking of a company name, we wanted a name that had the symbolism of indigenous culture. With Yendi learning her Kachiquel Mayan roots, at the time and Johnny from the Tule River Indian Reservation. As a couple, we wanted to combine this business to unite all Indigenous People in America. From learning from one another with storytelling, symbolic designs, and recognition of the people. We wanted strong words of unity of nations and had many different ideas. 

Our Indigenous Traditions | Yendi and Johnny Nieto

The 3 strong words that stuck together perfect was: 

OUR: us, one another, we can stand side-by-side with each other together.

INDIGENOUS: people with different culture. Aboriginal, First Nations, Native, American Indian, Central America, etc. 

TRADITIONS: what our ancestors fought for, the 7th generation-passing down knowledge, storytelling, sharing knowledge culturally.


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