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About Us

Hi, my name is Yendi Nieto,

I am Maya and Mexican American. I grew up in Los Angeles Area, close to Downtown Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in a not so great area, but it was home. As I grew up, I had jobs off and on. With some help, I made my way working in the Day Trading Commodity Trading Firm. I started out by doing Data Entry, moved up to a Asst. Broker and then I got my series 3 license to become a Commodity Broker. I was at this firm for 7 years, but I started to get burnt out. Burnt out of this Industry, living in the city, partying, drinking and not really focusing on my true self. Before quitting this job, I had starting to look more into my true self. I had to start looking into what tribe my family are from. I had to ask questions, from family members and my own research online. As I was doing some self-searching, I found out about pow wows. There was a Pow-Wow close by in my area in Northridge, CA. I decided to go and that’s where I met my husband Johnny, at my first Pow-Wow. I learned that he was deeply connected to his culture. By Johnny being traditionally raised with his roots, it encouraged me to find out about my culture. I didn’t feel lonely or different because I’m doing something out of the norm, according to my friends and family. I learned his culture because I wanted to, also there were similarities with my culture. The next couple of years, we moved in together, moved out of state together. We got married and we were blessed with two beautiful children. Our story continues and will be teaching and raising our children about each of their culture. The Nieto Family thanks you, for your support and appreciating for the Our Indigenous Traditions Brand.

 Yendi Nieto, Our Indigenous Traditions Clothing Owner

He-Yuk, my name is Johnny Nieto,

I am an enrolled member of the Tule River Yokuts Tribe and from the Tule River Indian Reservation, CA. Raised and groomed from an Indian Reservation was difficult, but possible to build growth for your tribe and yourself. I was raised without/very little water and electricity at our home on the Rez, that is what makes me appreciate and not take for granted your norm of utilities. Also, being a trailblazer and example for my tribe in a positive influence is a very difficult task, why, because you must educate and push forward with your people. My goals growing up on the Rez was to get my higher education and be a tribal leader. Those goals have been completed from getting my Associates in Business Management from Moorpark College, CA and my bachelor’s in business management from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. After my getting my education, I moved back home and became a Teacher at our Tribal School at the time. Then, I was fortunate enough to accomplish my main goal of being elected as a tribal leader for my tribe, at our eligible age of 25 for a 2-year term in 2018-2020. I was very lucky to accomplish my goal from my elders and community, been the President/CEO of our Tule River Economic Development Corporation and be the Treasure of our Eagle Mountain Casino Gaming Authority Board with other roles outside of tribe to be a Tribal Advocate.

Johnny Nieto, Our Indigenous Traditions Owner, Tule River Yokuts Tribe

Now shifted over to Our Indigenous Traditions, the goal is not only great fashion, but to educate Indigenous Traditions because there are so many tribes and communities that need to be heard, we would love to be that platform to teach the next generation and the lost generations searching. Thank you for taking the time to read my personal bio that I wanted to share, and I am glad that we crossed paths on here or in the real world.

 Yendi and Johnny Nieto, Our Indigenous Traditions Clothing.

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  • Hello there,

    My name is Justin, I am the President for the Owl Creek Chapter of Redrum Motorcycle club here in NW Washington State.

    We are hosting a fundraiser (Owl Creek Ride for Higher Education) on July 13th that will benefit the Northwest Indian College Scholarship fund. As part of this event we host a raffle to help raise funds. I have been researching Indigenous owned businesses as we would like to feature some in our event. I was reaching out to see if your brand would be interested in donating anything to this event. Or at the very least giving us a discount to purchase an item or two! Very cool this brand is located in Porterville, I am from Bakersfield myself.

    Best wishes
    Justin Rockholt
    President (Owl Creek)
    Redrum Motorcycle Club

    Justin Rockholt

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